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  • MABSol® technology is based on aqueous amine solvents, which have greatly improved CO2 capacity and absorption rates via the addition of a non-amine chemical(NAC) to a highly stabilized polyamine-based solvent.
  • Compared to conventional solvent MEA 30wt%, MABSol® technology significantly reduces CapEx and improves operability and manageability factors, such as reboiler heat duty, degradation, vaporization, corrosion, and foaming.
  • Existing amine absorption technologies have high reboiler heat duty and high amine loss due to degradation and vaporization, among other issues, resulting in high CO2 capture costs and difficulties in application to large-scale capture processes.

Low reboiler heat duty
The MABSol®-based capture process, consuming approximately 2.2 – 2.4 GJ/tCO2 as reboiler heat duty energy at flue gas of coal-fired power plants, shows a reduction of about 40% compared to that of the MEA 30wt% system. With the implementation of high-performance CO2 capture solvent technology that has about 2 times higher CO2 absorption capacity and 2 – 3 times higher absorption rate than those of 30wt% MEA, it is possible to reduce energy consumption and CapEx.

Low solvent cost
MABSol® uses commercially available and affordable amine compounds; the solvent can be prepared through a simple mixing process.

High stability and ease of operation
MABSol® is designed based on highly stabilized polyamines, so that degradation is very low, and the problems of HHS, foaming, and corrosion, among others, are minimal.